Online Craps for Ambitious Players

What game is next after craps? Another craps but with sure prizes! Online casino game providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech released its few variations offering from 1% up to 17% of a House Edge (HE). And a moment has come to get acquainted you with the craps winning strategies that have proved they include everything what it takes to become a prizewinner. Craps punters are sharing their best tips. Intrigued?

How to Win at Craps?

craps casinos winning tips

Today, I’ll be more specific about the edges for every craps bet, basing on the review by experts. I’ll once again review the Odds strategy and the Martingale system featuring the useful commentary and analysis from online experts and the author has been known for writing the book “Cutting Edge Craps: Advanced Strategies for Serious Players” Frank Scoblete; besides it'll also be accompanied with my own thoughts learned from experience in the western European hazard.

Use the Tips and Game Plans

This shouldn’t be as easy as most think if you know the game, the HE, there you've it. But take for instance, any winning in a dice amusement, it actually features 4 probability elements I provided a look at them below:

  • of the decision;
  • of the winner bet odds;
  • of the winner payout;
  • of the win bet tax.
Last, but not least, learn the bet strategy to cut the edges by offsetting the occasion of losing various bets. And for that, stake on the Pass Line and then on Any Craps to cover your back and gain the upper hand.

Pass/Don’t Pass/Come/Don’t Come Bets

Smaller wins are just the beginning of what you're in for in craps. This would be a long but profitable path, they said. So far, making such bets between $5-$10 on Pass/Don’t Pass/Come/Don’t Come, all of which give you high odds for winning considering they've the smallest HE (house edges) of 1.41 percent ever, you will get larger prizes with time. However, there's another plan for your winning according to the pros.

Big 6 and Big 8 Bets

Let me introduce one more tactic as I'm still on my way to illuminate all of them. Starting your gameplay with making stakes on Big 6 or 8 and counting the highest odds, some big win might be coming. It's particularly related to that odds, as casino operators withhold the highest HE (house edge) taxes on them.

Odds Strategy

Again, you can look forward to some special catch, literally, but always count your odds on winning, which are massive game-changers in the term. The formula will bring you up. The possible return of each stake is calculated according to it - ∑ (probability of an event) × (return of the event) over probable outcomes.

Martingale System

how to win at craps casinos

And once you set for the Martingale system, which is also popular among casino players, you'll see what the online craps game has on offer like for real. But what other outcomes you might be getting familiar with? Now the moment of truth: by picking up the probability theory - to double each losing bet and leave it the same when succeeding - is fun, and sometimes of course rewarding, still, man, it'll cost you like a lot if being out of luck. Such betting method was popular two centuries ago, but in 2018, you'd better apply "per bet" solutions. Altogether, there’s no wonder if you come up to trying out each of 4 approaches to give greater freedom to your winning, but do this on a “case-by-case” basis. If you aim at doing it right, you should also take the casino rules into the account.